Barn Years




Tracks 1-4 can be found on the 2014 album "Sugar Coated Pills of Wisdom":

Tracks 5-10 can be found on the 2016 album "Get Bled":


released March 15, 2017

All tracks recorded at the Silent Barn Studios
Tracks 1-4 recorded by Scott Andrews in 2013
Tracks 5-10 recorded by Julian Fader & Carlos Hernandez in 2014

All songs written by J Boxer



all rights reserved


J Boxer Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist & creator of songs since 2003. I book all-ages shows in Brooklyn & I play in

A Beacon School



I used to play in

The Gradients

Old table

Red Dwarf

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Track Name: BLUFFING - Human Compass
i want to feel you closer than is possible and when yr not near sometimes i find myself in hell cause i'll be lost without you and i know it's true and i have no doubts that nothing else compares to you/waiting out atop a mountain with no guide to lead me on i wish i had you here/show me where i might be headed next i'm on my own/you've got a map in yr head for every time and place but i get off track when i think of yr smiling face and i think i must be dreaming if i could feel this good i'd wait a thousand lifetimes for yr touch if i could/waiting out atop a mountain with no guide to lead me on i wish i had you here/show me where i might be headed next i'm on my own
Track Name: BLUFFING - Sheltered
little girls come out and hold me down i'm sacrificed among yr offerings/making time it's hard to find i'm sheltered by the way/groping through the dark yr caught in meanings deep and overthought/and you get high and you see why yr sheltered by the way
Track Name: BLUFFING - Dundridge
try to get things done this time but nothing happens/no one wants to lose their jobs so nothing changes/selfish looking out for number one/we've become systematically numb/all forgot where our humanity comes from/we bow down to this routine until we realize we're fucked/consistency it seemed so desirable until i realized i was just a number on a piece of paper/lost the true meaning of our education in our shitstorm of a profiteering corporate robot nation/mindlessly content to stay the same/status quo's kept by illusions of fame/ones who reign are the highest paid/we bow down to this charade and wonder why we're so fucked/cut the red tape
Track Name: BLUFFING - O.B.E. (Overtaken by Events)
one day i won't even know you anymore and i'll treat you the way i would a complete stranger/who knows how the fuck these changes ever start i swear it's not intentional sometimes people simply drift apart/i'm sorry i must run time is running out/i'm sure i'll see you next week no doubt/one day how will you look back on what you did you know it feels so good disconnecting from the grid/i'll sit down and write myself a letter so that when i die i'll feel much better/now it looks like i must run time is running out/i'm sure i'll see you next week no doubt/overtaken by events
Track Name: BLUFFING - Virtual Rejection
met a girl on the internet her face was hard to forget her collages made me sigh/told her i was into it she assumed i only wanted to hit/i said i'd like to fuck yr mind/she explained i'm not looking for that now/i said i didn't want to rush things anyhow/and now the hour is getting late/let's relate/i have lost all i have to lose only please don't get it confused/i know without me yll be just fine/i know you'd like to think i'm a jerk for the way that i love yr work probably never look you in the eye/she exclaimed i don't really want that now/i said i didn't wanna force this anyhow/but now the hour is getting late/let's relate
Track Name: BLUFFING - Muck
won't reveal the cards you played that summer and i doubt that you ever will/took yr bites each time we met you spit me out once you had yr fill/hurt so good to be devastated by the one that you most look up to/degraded you tell yrself is better than being alone/paralyzed in a compromise and you know that she won't turn back/we scrapped our hands and learned i had a deck of feelings but i'll find me a brand new pack/never knew if it was real or not/followed yr lead until you told me to stop/i never forgot/you dealt first hurt the worst massachusetts must be cursed/i get bled fuck my head i'll go home
Track Name: BLUFFING - Fuckerberg
what if a jerk made a device that was addictive as cocaine/but no one really likes it and all yr friends are fake/and you know that we're all being spied on/we can pretend it's all just a game and life isn't much better onscreen/kill all yr dreams/one day i realized that with all the time we spend/no moment in life is more or less significant/hungry and out of date/they will give you what you need/we all sit at home lost in our own news feeds/and you know that we're all breeding billboards/they can pretend we're all just the same and isn't life much better on a screen/they want to classify everything you like/one day every soul will be advertised/turn a blind eye if you've got nothing to hide/they'll make your mind up for you/they're gonna advertise everything you like/one day all our souls will be classified/which one of us doesn't have anything to hide/they'll make your mind up for you
Track Name: BLUFFING - My Best Self
it's been so long since i've seen yr face but now yr coming back today/so i start to scratch away this itching question do you still feel the same way/we won't be like our parents we'll be different no expectations of our fate/i want to be yr open book please read me so we know how to communicate/i want to get restless in my heart/you reach in and pull my best self out/but now everyone's riding on a wave of doubt/when days went dark you were the only one who gave a fuck and told me so/i'll never be the same again you shaped me into someone but you didn't know/i used to feel heartless like the rest/you helped me to leave my callousness/even the heartless have a best self lying dormant/they're choosing to not awaken it/(but i know) i am my best self when i'm with you/i am my best self/i am my best self now
Track Name: BLUFFING - L.M.T. (Last Minute Tour)
i'm all wrapped up in consequence a coat so torn that keeps me on the fence about what's right/united in the fact we all float by through time the same as any piece of skin becoming dust/no longer can we trust a soul/it's wise to find a hand to hold to help the heart i wonder if you noticed/all this time been lookin for a new religion/days consumed into years eating themselves/we are the burden of the earth this garden is a tomb i have been lost here since my birth/we found a place to rest our bones as particles and waves remind me that i've never been alone/in the van to san antone sharing consciousness we've known all along/a last minute tour/all this time been lookin for a new religion/life is a last minute tour when you get bored
Track Name: BLUFFING - Early Grave
i could hang around in yr part of town but i know i won't see you around/you can do better than what you see/you could change the world if you change yrself/but now you've turned into someone else/you seem much better than when you were with me/and i know that it's wrong didn't see a good thing til it was gone/but now i find it so appealing i'll let you write on my headstone/get to talk to you every now and then i'm so grateful that yr still my friend/you can't imagine me and how it was before/you said life was accepting pain but it seems to me like you ran away/a horrid vision now the demon's at my door/and i know that it's wrong didn't see a good thing til it was gone/now nothing here is that appealing/don't wanna be a pretender/don't wanna be a replacement/don't wanna be a supreme dick/cause in the end i'm just bluffing/you got out while you could there's no substitute for feeling good (you seem much better than when you were with me)/get to talk to you every now and then i'm so grateful that yr still my friend (you seem much better than when you were with me)/and yr paranoia's shattered and the roots of fear you had are battered/you've had it up to here